Fernando Alonso: Nascar only on the Playstation

Fernando Alonso
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F errari newcomer Fernando Alonso has spent a lot of time with his in the last few weeks new team. He greeted his new engineers, went to eat like the rest of the team in the canteen and then praised his team in the highest tones.

'What impressed me most was the atmosphere. Everyone here lives and breathes the passion for racing. And I really like it when people talk to each other and not just write emails, even though they're sitting across from them. ' The fans will be happy to hear that. Alonso was not always so popular with the Tifosi. 2005 and 2006 - at that time still at Renault - he snatched the title from Michael Schumacher of all people and thus sent the Germans into retirement.

Fernando Alonso wants to leave his past as a Ferrari competitor behind

Nevertheless Alonso doesn't hope that this time will have negative effects. 'I don't think I've ever said anything terrible about the team. It's true that there have been discussions in the past, but that happens when you fight each other for the title. In the end, we're humans, not robots.' Alonso has a good relationship with the Tifosi. 'I don't think that you have criticized me particularly strongly in the past. As a competitor, the ratio is of course a little different. But I'm sure that I can count on the support of the Ferraristi.'

He feels at Ferrari already like a 'part a very special family '. And he doesn't want to leave this family anytime soon. Excursions in the rally area, as they were the last rule with predecessor Kimi Räikkönen, should not occur at Alonso. 'For me, Formula 1 is the ultimate. I don't see my future anywhere else. I wanted to drive in Formula 1 as a child.' And what about Nascar? 'I like that as a game on the Playstation.' Fernando Alonso would like to end his career at Ferrari.


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