Fernando Alonso: Farewell to Formula 1

Fernando Alonso's retirement from Formula 1
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D this decision was indicated. After his victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, many fans had feared that the 37-year-old could soon announce his departure from Formula 1 in order to devote himself to his last major goal of winning the 500-mile race in Indianapolis . Together with his successes in Monaco, the two-time world champion could make the so-called “Triple Crown” perfect.

McLaren has the fact that Fernando Alonso will not be part of Formula 1 for the first time in the coming year after 17 seasons now officially announced on Tuesday (14.8.2018). Only the change to the IndyCar series has not yet been confirmed. “Let's see what the future brings,” said the 2005 and 2006 champion. “There are new, exciting challenges around the corner. I'm having the happiest time of my life right now, but now I have to tackle new adventures. ”

Alonso descent after Ferrari parting

After winning the Le Mans 24h race, the decision to retire from F1 matured.

The fact that Alonso is particularly happy about losing out with McLaren in Formula 1 for individual championship points certainly does not correspond quite the truth. The Asturian has made it clear more than once in recent years that he should actually drive for world titles based on his potential. But after switching from Ferrari to McLaren in the winter of 2014/2015, there was not even a podium place for the driver who was previously so spoiled for success.

Accordingly, the plan to retire had matured for some time: “I have this decision met a few months ago. And I stuck with it.Nonetheless, I would like to sincerely thank Chase Carey and Liberty Media, as well as the many people who have contacted me during this time, for their efforts to change my mind. ”

Alonso doesn't want to be forever Say goodbye to Formula 1: “I know McLaren will come back strong and be better off in the future. That could be the right time for a comeback for me. That would make me really happy. I have a very good relationship with so many people here at McLaren. They gave me the opportunity to broaden my horizons and drive in other racing series. ”

Who will replace Alonso at McLaren?

Will Carlos Sainz replace his friend and compatriot Fernando Alonso at McLaren?

McLaren boss Zak Brown expressed his regret at the resignation of his star driver: “Of course we respect his decision, even if we believe that he is in the best shape of his career. After all, our open discussions ensured that we could prepare for this event. We wish Fernando all the best for the future, of course. ”

It has not yet been decided who could replace Alonso in the coming season. Stoffel Vandoorne has not exactly been able to prove that he is a star of the future this season. The Belgian didn't win a single qualifying duel against Alonso. As an alternative, Alonso's compatriot Carlos Sainz is definitely on the list, who has to give up his position at Renault to Daniel Ricciardo.

Esteban Ocon could also come onto the market if Lance Stroll's father had his son after the rescue from Force India on board. And then McLaren also has a talented young driver, Lando Norris, who is currently second in Formula 2. So the choice is huge. It is unlikely that Fernando Alonso can be adequately replaced both as a driver and as a draft horse. His departure is a loss for the whole of Formula 1.

In the gallery we once again show the best moments from Fernando Alonso's successful career.


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