Fernando Alonso: Ex-McLaren drivers are happier

Fernando Alonso
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F ernando Alonso is known for his own opinion and clear words. In contrast to most of his colleagues, the two-time world champion also dares to speak critical words. In Suzuka, the Spaniard gave a verbal slap for his former employer McLaren. The trigger was the surprising move from Lewis Hamilton to the Mercedes factory team.

For Alonso, the Briton's decision wasn't a big deal. Alonso even provided support for his ex-teammate, whose decision not everyone in the paddock could understand. 'It's good for Lewis to take a step forward. Prost has left McLaren, Senna has left McLaren and so have I - life was usually better afterwards.'

Alonso: 'Lewis will have more fun '

Another example could have been Kimi Räikkönen, who also didn't feel comfortable at McLaren. 'I think Lewis is recognized as one of the best drivers and he will have more fun at Mercedes. He will definitely be a tough competitor in the battle for the world title in the coming season.'

Mercedes is a top Racing team with Ross Brawn at the helm and the full potential of a works team, Alonso explained. In addition, success at McLaren was no guarantee. 'They haven't won a Constructors' Cup for 14 years in a row - although they often had the fastest car.'

Alonso title would be a miracle

With his current team he can Alonso is currently not satisfied either, although he is still relatively comfortable leading the World Cup with 29 points. 'When you consider how far behind we were at the beginning of the season, then it really is a gift. It would be a miracle if we could win the title. Our car wasn't actually fast enough.'

Alonso was spurred on Team once again not to give this gift back at the end of the season. 'The 14 races so far almost perfect. But in order to win the title, we cannot afford to make any mistakes in the last six races either.' The Spaniard doesn't just want to defend his lead. 'We have to stay calm and always get the points home. But at the right moments you have to take a risk.'


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