Fernando Alonso apologizes for outburst

Alonso apologizes for outburst in Valencia
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D he Ferrari drivers were the big losers of the Safety car phase triggered by Mark Webber's horror crash. The security vehicle drove Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa right in front of their noses on the tenth lap. Actually, Lewis Hamilton should have lined up behind Bernd Mayländer's silver Mercedes SLS, but the Englishman illegally overtook the safety car shortly after the decisive safety car 1 line at the pit exit.

During Fernando Alonso Having lost a lot of time and only came in eighth in the end, Hamilton secured second place despite the drive-through penalty. Visibly pissed off, local hero Alonso then spoke of 'manipulation'. Two days later there is no trace of anger. 'I reacted emotionally after the race,' Alonso admits in his regular diary entry on the Ferrari website. 'In this situation it is easy to say things that can be misinterpreted and that indicate suspicion. That was never my intention.'

Alonso feels innocently punished

The Spaniard tried again to present his arguments objectively. 'What I meant was that the drivers who, like us, obeyed the rules, unfortunately suffered more than those who broke them - despite the penalty. I'm not referring to a specific driver. It's a general problem that we should talk about one more time, so that something like that doesn't happen again. ' Alonso welcomed the FIA's decision to convene an unscheduled meeting of the working group responsible for the sporting regulations on the matter.

After his attacks on the stewards directly after the race, the two-time world champion also made a quieter tone in this regard: ' Of course I understand that the stewards have a difficult job and making decisions is not easy. '

No irreparable damage to Ferrari

Now the Spaniard's gaze goes away in the future. Valencia was 'not irreparable damage,' said the Spaniard, even if the gap to front runner Hamilton has now increased to 29 points. 'That simply means that we have to make 30 points more in the next ten races.' Silverstone is next on the agenda. 'There we will try to put the pent-up energy into the carand make up the ground we lost in Valencia - even though we know that Silverstone is not a track that suits the characteristics of our car. '


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