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Fernando Alonso angry: return coach against Ferrari team boss

Fernando Alonso sauer
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F ernando Alonso is on a Ferrari farewell tour in Abu Dhabi. The two-time world champion would have liked to say goodbye with a good result. But the foundation stone for a poor qualifying result was laid during practice. In the second session on Friday, an electrical problem caused an early evening. In the third practice session Alonso only drove 8 laps, then the engine was exchanged.

Bad qualification result no surprise

Only a 10th place came out in qualifying. No surprise, according to Alonso: 'Qualifying was a little more difficult because of the engine change after the third practice session. You always have to play with the settings on every new engine. In the middle of qualifying you can't change much. In Q1 I almost got kicked out. My best lap came in Q2. In Q3, I was worse again. That was a bit strange. '

In the last race of the year, the Iberian hadn't expected a sudden success either. 'We didn't expect much more. Whether seventh, eighth or ninth is not a big difference either. It doesn't get any easier in the race either. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to do long runs with a lot of fuel in the cooler temperatures in the evening. I don't have any starting exercises either. which are always completed here at the end of the training sessions. '

On Sunday there will be a big farewell performance over 55 laps. Not an ordinary race for Alonso. 'It was still possible today. Tomorrow it will certainly be a bit more emotional when I get into the car for the last time. But I've known it for a while now. I just want to have fun and hope for some interesting duels.'

Alonso reacts to Mattiacci statements

The pilot reacted angrily to the comment from team boss Marco Mattiacci, who said on Friday that Sebastian Vettel is a young, hungry and motivated pilot coming to Scuderia. It sounded like Alonso didn't bring those qualities with him anymore.

'If that means that he thinks I'm too old and not motivated, then he came to Ferrari too late. I have here Fought every race for 5 years ', Alonso clarified. 'Maybe I was already too old when he tried to extend my contract until the Grand Prix in Monza. He tried hard and called and emailed until the last moment, which I always dostill on the computer. Apparently I wasn't that old at the time. But when I made my decision, he probably had to find another driver. '

' With only two podium places, the year wasn't particularly good. I read yesterday that apart from me, no other Ferrari driver has won a race since 2009. You have changed the president and the team manager. Now I'm leaving the team too. Ferrari just has to find a direction for the future and make sure that all the building blocks fit together. '

Alonso still didn't want to confirm his move to McLaren.' My future is still open. I haven't planned any test drives after the Abu Dhabi race. Let's see what happens in the next few weeks. I'm still under contract. It officially runs until the end of the year. '


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