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Fernando Alonso: & # 34; We could have taken pole '

Fernando Alonso
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D he Italians aren't just fans of Ferrari. You live Ferrari. At the sight of qualifying they experienced a brief respiratory arrest. When Fernando Alonso hopes to start his fast lap, he seems handicapped. With his time of 1: 25.678 minutes, he does not get past tenth place. In Q1 and Q2 he was around one and a half seconds faster. A broken rear stabilizer makes life difficult for him.

Defect on the fast lap

'The car was impossible to drive,' says Alonso. 'I radioed it to the pits and drove in to have it checked. But we knew we didn't have time to fix it. So we only drove one lap. It should be fine tomorrow.' p>

According to Alonso, the car still felt good in Q2. Even in the warm-up lap in Q3, the Spaniard could not find any problem. Only when he started his fast lap did the broken rear stabilizer become noticeable.

Cushion for Q3 would have been in it

The defective witch flew over the Scuderia at the wrong time. At the Italian Grand Prix of all places. The Ferrari F2012 was considered one of the most reliable cars this season. Alonso had already undercut Felipe Massa's time in Q3 with 1: 24.247 minutes with his time in Q2. He drove 1: 24.242 minutes there.

'We could have taken pole position', Alonso is certain. 'It would have been a good chance today. I have no doubt about that. We still had three or four tenths in our pockets for Q3.'


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