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Fernando Alonso: & # 34; Only 20 percent understand & # 34;

Fernando Alonso
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F errari is the big question mark of the first week of testing in Jerez. Three days in the middle of nowhere, to finish at the top. Fernando Alonso set the fastest time of the day with a short run in the morning. The two-time world champion needed 1: 18.877 minutes for the hilly 4.4-kilometer route in Andalusia. Of the 2012 cars, only Romain Grosjean's Lotus was faster.

Alonso looks optimistically towards Barcelona

But where did this sudden increase in performance come about? The day before, the Ferrari was a second and a half slower. 'We only drove with the hard and medium tires. Today we tried the soft compound for the first time,' Alonso justified the unusual progress.

While technical director Pat Fry was still 24 hours earlier Having cautiously expressed concern, Alonso was bristling with optimism. 'The progress that we have made here in four days has been very great. It is important that we understand the car better and better. We will be much better prepared in Barcelona than we were here in Jerez. Perhaps Pat ( Fry) also meant exactly that we came to Jerez with a certain idea, which then didn't quite come true. '

With Alonso comes the turning point for Ferrari

You have but found a way to circumvent the problems and get more and more power out of the car. After the first two days with Felipe Massa, the turning point came in the second half of the week with Alonso: 'We found joy and confidence again on the third and fourth day,' said the Spaniard happily.

Alonso warned the competition before further great progress with the F2012: 'There is still a lot to do, especially in terms of setup. We have mainly concentrated on aerodynamics here and drove at constant speed. But there should be a lot more from the setup.' A weakness from the previous year has even been eliminated: 'Warming up the tires is one of the car's strengths,' explains the 30 year old. 'It seems as if we can get the maximum out of the first lap, which wasn't always the case last season.'

Ferrari not yet reliable enough

Alonso is completely satisfied, however not yet. Above all, the reliability is not yet at the familiar Ferrari level. 'We have to understand the car even better. We may be at 20 percent of where we should be. In the next few days of testingwe'll try to do the rest. '

The Scuderia have to be careful that time doesn't run out.' We only have two more tests - one less than last year. In Barcelona we have to spend as much time on the track as possible. That was the only negative point today, that we only got 39 laps. In Barcelona there must be more than 100 because the information from these rounds is so valuable. '


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