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Fernando Alonso: & # 34; Need a faster car in training & # 34;

Fernando Alonso
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F ernando Alonso is one of six winners this season. And he leads the World Championship by three points over Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber. Besides Lewis Hamilton, he is the only driver to have scored points in all six races. Is that the key this year?

Alonso wants to improve his Canada record

'Right now it's the key, and there are also three or four drivers who haven't won yet but could win', replies Alonso. 'But that can change quickly. If a driver wins three races in the summer, then collecting points regularly won't help you much. Then you need victories yourself.'

Alonso's Montreal record is not exactly a sheet of glory. 'I drove here nine times and didn't finish five times.' A victory, a pole position in 2006, plus a third, fourth and seventh place. The Ferrari driver wants to change that. But dangers lurk everywhere in Montreal. 'The track offers little grip, we are driving with little downforce, and the walls are close to the track. There is no room for mistakes here.'

Is Montreal a good place for Ferrari? Top speed and traction haven't been the red car's strengths so far, even if the Ferrari has improved in these disciplines. On the other hand, it is the first racetrack this year that will be driven with reduced downforce.

Alonso calls for the car for pole position

'Nobody knows how that will affect', warns Felipe Massa. Despite his World Championship lead, Alonso is not one hundred percent satisfied: 'Our weak point is Saturday. We're better in the race, but mainly thanks to our experience as a team in terms of race preparation and strategy.'

Alonso drives his troop : 'At the moment we don't have a car with which I can take pole position. Sometimes even making the top ten is a struggle. We need a car that is faster in training.'

The 28-time GP winner does not accept the excuse of tires. 'They are not much different than last year. I do not think that the tires determine victory or defeat. If we look closely at the first six Grand Prix, then each time a different reason was responsible for the victory.'


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