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Fernando Alonso: & # 34; Have to go to the pain limit & # 34;

Fernando Alonso before the World Cup final
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F ernando Alonso is the man of the hour Formula 1. With the two victories in Monza and Singapore, the Spaniard has moved up to second place in the World Cup. After the crash in Spa, Alonso had actually already been written off. But now there is already euphoria in Italy and Spain.

The two-time world champion is trying to slow down the good mood. Nothing has been achieved for a long time: 'The two victories have narrowed the gap to the front. But we have definitely not taken the lead yet.' Alonso warns against slowing down the pace after the two success stories. Instead, the Asturian heats his team again.

Alonso: 'Everyone has to give everything'

In the final sprint, Alonso demands full commitment from his Scuderia. 'Now it's getting serious. We have to go to the limit of pain. Now the time has come when everyone has to get everything and not give a single step back.' Alonso leads the way. His leadership skills can make all the difference, Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali explained before the season.

The investment in Alonso seems to be slowly paying back. After a true roller coaster ride in the last 15 races, the 2005 and 2006 champion found his way to success just in time. 'We have seen many times this year that the situation can change quickly. Anything can still happen,' Alonso predicts an exciting final.

Alonso wants to finish on the podium four more times

Now none of the five World Cup candidates can afford to make mistakes. With a 25-point gap between Webber and Vettel, a preliminary decision can now be made in every race. It is essential to avoid failures. However, according to Alonso, victories are not an obligation: 'I'm sticking to my schedule: the key is to get on the podium in every race and then start calculating in Abu Dhabi.'

Although experts put the Red Bull up Alonso sees himself well prepared for the final sprint: 'The two victories in Monza and Singapore evoke new self-confidence, especially after the difficult season in which our championship hopes were often hanging by a thin thread. Well, there we have proven our versatility with victories on two very different tracks, we can tackle the upcoming races without fear. '


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