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Felipe Massa with the old wing faster than Alonso

Felipe Massa
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I In the training duel it is 12: 4 for Fernando Alonso, but in On the last two starting lines, Felipe Massa was ahead of his team captain. Usually Alonso reverses the order quickly in the race, but this time he had to wait until the second tire change to get that far.

'I wouldn't have grabbed Felipe on the track. I'm just over came because I came in three laps later at the second pit stop, 'admitted the two-time champion. Massa had already had bad experiences with the first pit stop. 'I had to wait four seconds because there was so much traffic in the pit lane. That cost me two positions.' At least Alonso stayed behind him. Despite the new front wing, which, according to the wind tunnel, should bring 0.15 seconds of lap time.

No stable management but bad luck

Only when the second tire change did Massa give his place to number one in the stable from. Anyone who smells a hidden stable control is wrong. 'My opponent was called Button. When he came in, we had to follow. I already felt the first signs of loss of grip. Jenson would have taken too much time off me with new tires if I had stayed outside,' said Massa.

In contrast to Massa, Alonso still had reserves in his second set of tires. The Spaniard drove three record laps in a row. Button and Massa got caught in traffic. 'We are stuck two laps behind a Force India and a Toro Rosso who were busy with their own duel,' said the 2008 vice world champion annoyed.

Ferrari is looking for Massa's successor

At least the Brazilian was able to give a clear sign of life. He knows that he will have to offer something soon if he is to keep his place at Ferrari. His contract expires at the end of 2012. Massa has also heard the rumors in the paddock that Ferrari was looking for alternatives for 2013. Jenson Button was flashed off. Apparently also with Nico Rosberg.

But the Mexican Sergio Perez is still thick in Maranello's notepads. Meanwhile, Alonso is promoting his current teammate. 'Felipe and I work well together. We complement each other perfectly. I learn a lot from Felipe.' Does anyone want to make sure that everything stays the way it is? Massa is a comfortable stable companion for Alonso. Unless he has more weekends like in Korea.


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