Felipe Massa: The accident is ticked off

Formula 1 test drives in Valencia
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F Elipe Massa beamed over his boy’s face. Even if he had always believed in his comeback, it was still the final proof that he is completely the same again. Even if the lap times in the early test phase say little, in his case they have a meaning. The 2008 vice world champion is back in business. And apart from the memory of Budapest 2009 there is nothing left that could stop Massa.

Massa wasn't afraid of his comeback

'Me was not afraid. It's nice to be back after such a long time as a spectator. First place makes me feel competitive again. All my steps back into racing life went more smoothly than I thought. I already had a good one It feels like driving the old Ferrari in winter. '

For Ferrari the test kick-off in Spain was about more. After the messed up 2009 season, everyone in the team was curious to see how the new Ferrari F10 would feel at the first test of strength against the competition. 'I already felt better on the first day than last year,' said Massa. 'The car is easier to drive, it reacts more logically to setup changes, it is less problematic in balance.'

The diffuser will be decisive

The Brazilian has also taken the time to study the competition's cars. 'It seems that everyone has developed in a similar direction. I see a lot of high noses and similar aerodynamic solutions. But the most important detail is still the diffuser. And nobody can see that in detail. So we have to wait and see what the test drives are bring. '

Massa is also satisfied with the new generation of tires from Bridgestone. 'They can be brought up to temperature much faster.' Bridgestone has baked mixes over the winter that work in a lower temperature range. This is a gift for all those teams that have had a problem with heating up their tires in the past. And that was Ferrari, BrawnGP and BMW-Sauber .


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