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Felipe Massa: & # 34; We know how to deal with the pressure & # 34;

Felipe Massa in front of the GP Belgium
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F elipe Massa has had an exciting first half of the season. The Ferrari roller coaster started with two podiums in Bahrain and Melbourne and then bottomed out with three pointless races in Montreal, Valencia and Silverstone. Only in the last two races did things get better again. However, the Stallrgie affair at Hockenheim and the emotional return to Budapest, where he had a serious accident a year ago, caused a higher pulse rate.

The summer break came at a good time for the little fighter from Sao Paulo. In Brazil, Massa recharged herself for the final races of the year. 'Visiting my family was the ideal break for me. I found out what was going on back home and met old friends. Besides my fitness training, I was able to really switch off,' said the Ferrari driver about his relaxed summer program .

Massa gets information from the Ferrari engineers

But then he couldn't quite let go of the work. Again and again he was provided with the latest information from Maranello. 'I'm well prepared for the weekend in Spa, as I've always stayed in touch with the engineers, even when they weren't working in the factory themselves.'

Massa is confident that the Ferrari will take off -Double victory by Hockenheim and places two and four by Budapest can also be continued in the next races. 'It looks like we're in good shape. We expect new parts as part of our development program for the F10.' A new underbody is coming to the car in Spa. In the last stage of the blown diffuser, the exhaust gases now also flow under the fins at the rear.

Ferrari under pressure to succeed

McLaren and Mercedes already had this version in the last races in use, but struggled with difficulties. At Ferrari, you can no longer afford to slip up. In fifth place, team-mate Fernando Alonso is 20 points away from the top. Massa is one place behind, already 64 points behind. Massa is expecting an exciting final sprint for the world title and sees his team with good chances.

'Myself and Ferrari have experienced this situation before and we know how to deal with the pressure by looking up focus on work. We need to build on how we left off before the summer break'Although he enjoyed the holiday, he is highly motivated. Especially after Massa had to skip the exciting roller coaster course in Spa last year.' I missed driving my car and I couldn't think of a better place to restart than Spa . '


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