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Fear of tire problems: Mercedes with different cars

Fear of tire problems
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F ure Ross Brawn the GP Japan will be a tire battle. Maybe even as bad as the Spanish GP. 'Tire wear will play a major role on Sunday. We expect two to three stops.'

In the current weather conditions with a lot of tailwind on the straights and headwind in the fast corners, the rear tires have to suffer particularly. That's why Nico Rosberg has trimmed his Mercedes to have more downforce and a shorter seventh gear than Lewis Hamilton. You can see it in the top speed. Hamilton was 4.6 km /h faster.

Same scenario at Red Bull. Mark Webber drives the risk strategy, Sebastian Vettel the conservative variant. Rosberg thinks he has bet on the right horse, but was still not happy: 'Sixth place on the grid is not ideal. I would have liked to have been one or two positions ahead.' Training third Hamilton admitted: 'My setup is risky. I hope that I can get away with it.'

Mercedes loses in qualification for more racing speed

For Mercedes, this is what the race is about to defend the role of Crown Prince behind the Red Bull. 'If the two Red Bulls are in front in the first corner, we will never see them again. We have to watch out for the Lotus for that,' Hamilton practices as a clairvoyant. Maybe on Ferrari too. 'In terms of tire wear, we don't look bad compared to the others,' hopes race director Stefano Domenicali.

Nevertheless, the big gap to the overpowering Red Bull hurts the Silver Arrows. Especially when you consider that Vettel was traveling without KERS. Ross Brawn put the humiliation into words: 'Embarrassing is too strong a word. But it's frustrating. Especially after the summer break, Red Bull gained more than we did. Our race pace got better. But we lost speed in qualifying. We But we also have to see where we come from. Compared to last year, we have improved enormously, especially in the fast corners. If we take the same step for next year, we will completely close the gap. '


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