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F1 without grid girls: There are still hot girls in these series!

Formula 1 without grid girls?
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D he outcry from the fans was as big as the Formula 1 officials announced the abolition of the grid girls before the 2018 season. With the move, the bosses of the premier class wanted to polish up the image of the series and give it a more family-friendly paint job. And besides, grid girls are so out of date, it said at the time in the justification.

The majority of fans apparently saw it differently. The decision received significantly more criticism than approval in internet forums and social networks. Those responsible were accused of excessive political correctness, which would increasingly take away the appeal of racing. Formula 1 must be unreasonable to a degree, so the audience's appeal to the F1 bosses.

Grid Girls criticize work ban

In Monaco, grid girls and grid boys posed side by side on the grid.

It is also a good tradition to employ scantily clad women as parking lot attendants for the highly paid F1 stars. In the wave of indignation, there was certainly a little fear that the new owners of Formula 1 from the USA could transform the premier class into a smoothly polished high-gloss event, at which the normal fans will be left behind.

Even former grid Girls spoke up and the majority regretted the work ban. The models stated that they not only lost a source of income as a result, but also the opportunity to present themselves in front of a global audience - which always brought the chance for new jobs outside of racing.

While feminist organizations the Abolition of the grid girls as a step against the sexualExploitation, the women concerned criticized the fact that this restricted their right to self-determination as a woman. Some girls annoyed that they enjoyed the attention of photographers and fans on the grid - and that they were well paid for the job.

Monaco organizers fight back

Die The organizers of the Monaco Grand Prix did not want to simply accept the decision of the F1 bosses either. At the traditional race in Monte Carlo, the lightly clad women are just as much a part of the glamor factor as expensive yachts and famous Hollywood stars. As a compromise, the grid girls were given male counterparts before the start of the race. Instead of starting number plates, they held social media messages from fans to the drivers in the cameras.

In spite of criticism, nothing will change in the decision of the F1 officials. The fear that many other series would follow suit was not confirmed. Whether DTM, GT Masters, RallyCross World Championship or MotoGP - the hot women will probably not disappear from the racetracks of this world anytime soon.

For all Formula 1 fans who are a little too short this year we are showing a selection of grid girls from various racing series in the gallery.


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