F1 Video: Formula Schmidt GP Monaco 2022

Monaco GP 2022

Ferrari had the fastest car in Monaco. But Red Bull snagged victory in the end. In the new episode Formel Schmidt we explain the tactical bankruptcy of the Scuderia. And we discuss the series of breakdowns by Mick Schumacher and Daniel Ricciardo.

Ferrari traveled to Monaco for the race weekend as the big favorite. And until Sunday, the Scuderia still looked like the sure winner. Charles Leclerc raced confidently to pole position. Carlos Sainz in second place ensured that the Red Bull drivers had a red wall in front of their noses that didn't seem to be cracked that easily.

But then, shortly before the start, a rain shower swept over the principality and caused the Ferrari command post to swim. Poor pit stop timing saw the two fastest cars in the field drop from first and second to second and fourth. In the current episode of our F1 talk "Formel Schmidt" we take a closer look at the tactical decisions.

Schumacher under pressure

In addition to Ferrari, there were two other big losers in Monaco. Mick Schumacher still has to wait for his first championship points. The German youngster currently only makes headlines with crashes. After the qualifying accident in Saudi Arabia and the last-minute collision with Vettel in Miami, he again burdened the Haas budget with his departure in the swimming pool passage.

The question is how long team boss Guenther Steiner will be watching the whole thing. Is Schumacher's cockpit still in danger this season? Does he have to be prepared to drop out of the premier class next year? Or is the place permanently secured thanks to the sponsors? F1 expert Michael Schmidt tells you how big the worries are that the driver has to worry about.

Ricciardo before saying goodbye?

Daniel Ricciardo also produced a lot of carbon scrap in Monaco. And this accident also came at an unfortunate time. McLaren boss Zak Brown had surprised just before the Grand Prix weekend with the statement that the cooperation with the pilot has not yet met expectations.

The fact that Ricciardo can't match the pace of his teammate Lando Norris has always let him get away with the team leadership. It was a bit more annoying that he had only collected 11 points for the team account so far. But the fact that he now also burdens the accident insurance company did not go down well with those responsible. Actually, Ricciardo still has a contract until 2023. But F1 expert Schmidt believes that it could end earlier.

More questions that we answer in the current episode of Formula Schmidt: Can Sergio Perez fight for the world title after his Monaco win? Were the FIA's decisions all correct? Is the future of the Monaco Grand Prix in jeopardy? And who travels as the favorite to the next race in Azerbaijan?


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