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F1 updates China / Bahrain: tops and flops on the technology front

F1 technology updates China /Bahrain
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N ot only takes the formula on the racetrack 1-season slow pace. There is also a lot of pressure on the boiler in the technical offices. For a double blow in China and Bahrain, the teams developed and produced many interesting update parts. Except for Manor Marussia, all cars have changed in detail.

McLaren is upgrading to conventional wings

In in many cases the modifications came at the last second. McLaren only got one version of the new diffuser ready for the race in Shanghai. Fernando Alonso generously left the new part to his teammate Jenson Button. 'Next time it will be my turn if there is something new,' said the Spaniard. Alonso knows that he will benefit more from updates later in the season than now, when the McLaren is not yet a candidate for points.

In Bahrain, both cars were then on the road with the new part. For this, the rear wing was upgraded. Since the German GP, ​​the chrome-plated car has been on the road with a unique wing, the flap of which had a striking wave pattern on the edge. In Bahrain, the engineers tested a conventional wing for the first time, which Alonso was promptly used in the race.

Sauber update wing not in Bahrain use

Also in others Teams did not work all new developments as planned. At Sauber, the new front wing had to stay on the shelf in Bahrain. The angle of attack was not big enough. So the old generation of wings had to run again. Williams brought a new rear fairing in Shanghai, but it didn't go beyond training.

In our gallery we show you the most important innovations in detail.


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