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F1 test Valencia: Massa with the best time of the day

Formula 1 test Valencia: Summary of day 1
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D he first test day from Valencia after three Months of winter break ended with a little surprise. Pedro de la Rosa was leading the ranking with 1.12.784 minutes until 20 minutes before the end. In the final sprint, Felipe Massa then set the fastest time of the day with 1.12.574 minutes.

The Brazilian had obviously set himself the best time, because in the finale between his fast laps he always put a slow one to recover the tires. Balm for the soul of the Ferrari tormented after the bankruptcy of 2009 souls. In terms of the number of laps, Ferrari was also in the lead with 102 laps. In any case, the Ferrari delegation disappeared into the transporter's technical office with happy faces. 'The car works. I can say that much,' said Felipe Massa.

At Sauber they were relieved that the car works

At Sauber there was relief. The new era as a private team began with the realization that the new Sauber works. Since Pedro de la Rosa was to be found in the front field from early morning, the lap times of the Sauber C29 are no coincidence. Nevertheless, comparisons should be treated with caution. The range of different fuel loads ranges from five to 165 kilograms. It is easy to cut a good figure on the time chart when the fuel quantity is corrected downwards. However, Sauber is not known for shining with show times.

At MercedesGP there was the only driver change of the day. Team boss Ross Brawn wanted to hear two impressions instead of just one at the end of the day. Nico Rosberg got out after 39 laps to leave the cockpit to Michael Schumacher. And he only needed 18 laps to undercut the time of his colleague who was 16 years his junior. With 1.12.947 minutes, the returnee was well below the target of Rosberg with 1.13.543 minutes. 'Did anyone expect anything else?' Asked Williams test boss Dickie Stanford one garage further down the line.

Schumacher was faster than Rosberg

Apart from that that both Mercedes drivers took to the track with different programs and onAt the end of the day the track was in ideal condition, one can understand Schumacher's time as the first declaration of war. Rosberg can apologize for the fact that the sitting position is not ideal for him: 'I sit too low and don't see the road optimally.'

Schumacher impressed with the consistency of his lap time. The seven-time ex-world champion seemed to shake time of 1.13 minutes from the wrist. Shortly before the end, an abbreviation of Kerpener made for a laugh. Although Schumacher only rolled slowly around the course, the MercedesGP driver recorded a fabulous time of 1.08.769 minutes. It disappeared from the screens after 30 seconds.

McLaren test driver Gary Paffet completed 86 laps in the new McLaren-Mercedes. The Englishman had dominated the first laps in the morning, but then stopped on his time of 1.13.846 minutes. This suggests that more fuel was used in the afternoon. Tomorrow Lewis Hamilton will grip the McLaren steering wheel.

Rubens Barrichello took care of the red flags

Rubens Barrichello took care of the first and only red flag of the Day. Last year's World Cup third-placed parked his Williams on the edge of the track. His daily quota: 75 laps. Williams had already lost an hour before replacing the exhaust. In the Cosworth V8, it is so complicated that the underbody has to be unscrewed to remove it. His time of 1.14.449 minutes was only sixth, but Williams spent a lot of time testing the wear on the brakes with a high fuel charge.

The new Renault was as slow as it looks on the first day. That doesn't have to mean anything either. But with 1.15,000 minutes, Robert Kubica was 2.4 seconds behind the music and finished last.

ToroRosso the first day with the new car was a disappointment. The car was in the pits most of the time. Sebastien Buemi only managed 18 laps. 'If I start driving fast, the gears jump out,' complained the Swiss who managed the penultimate time with 1.14.782 minutes despite the limited workload. ToroRosso built the gearbox itself and still pays empty money.


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