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F1 test Barcelona 2 (day 3): Hamilton confirms Mercedes supremacy

F1 test Barcelona 2 (day 3)
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D he signs condense. Mercedes has again built the fastest car. On the penultimate day of the winter test drives, Lewis Hamilton set the fastest time in 1: 23.022 minutes. The day before, team mate Nico Rosberg was almost two and a half tenths faster. The difference can come from the track conditions. The asphalt strip cooled noticeably during the last hour of testing on Saturday.

Hamilton has Mercedes rebuilt

On Saturday, the defending champion ran a similar program to his stable rival the day before. Hamilton shot himself at the completely modified car. With the new parts, Mercedes still has to look for the optimal setup for both drivers. An hour before lunch - in Barcelona at 1 p.m. - the Brit left his car for a change. He didn't move out again until three hours later. The work paid off with the fastest lap.

In the morning, when the track temperatures were higher, Felipe Massa and Kimi Räikkönen scrambled for the provisional top position in the course of a qualifying simulation. With the better ending for the little Brazilian at Williams. Even if very close. The 33-year-old routine relegated his old teammate to third place with a time of 1: 23.262 minutes by 14 thousandths.

In the afternoon, Williams shifted his focus to long runs with hard and medium-hard rubbers. With the result of constant circulations. Ferrari, however, sent Raikkonen to a racing simulation. The Finn cut a good figure. His race against the clock initially began on medium tires. Then Ferrari strapped the hard tires to his SF15-T during a pit stop. In the third turn, the Scuderia pulled out the unmarked Pirelli tires. An unusual choice, but maybe a cover-up tactic. However, the Iceman did not make it all the way. After 60 of 66 laps, Ferrari broke off prematurely.

Sainz and Grosjean just separated

A quarter of an hour before the In the end, Carlos Sainz in the Toro Rosso and Romain Grosjean (Lotus) brought their fastest attempts to the finish. In the final sprint, the Frenchman had to admit defeat to Sainz by the tiniest nine thousandths. The Spaniard made the second interruption around 12 minutes before the end. Marcus Ericsson was responsible for the first. Lotus experimented with a slightly modified one during the dayFront wing. The change affected the upper front wing element. In contrast to the old version, another baffle plate was missing there.

The Swede Ericsson moved up to sixth position on Saturday. The former Caterham driver also had the extra-soft Pirelli tire on his fastest lap. Nico Hülkenberg placed behind the Sauber. The long Rhinelander pedaled most of the kilometers of the day in Force India with 158 laps. Since its new racer was only tested for the first time yesterday, Force India has a clear program. Head of Technology Andy Green explains: 'We have lost so much test time that we have to set priorities. Our top priority is racing simulations. As long as we are still handicapped by the performance of the car, the race is our chance.'

Ricciardo last - but fast

Red Bull doesn't value fast times. The team based in Milton Keynes brought a new one Rear wing with modified end plates on the RB11. Technology guru Adrian Newey has now also arrived in Barcelona. That speaks for more new parts. Despite not doing short runs, Ricciardo was able to impress. In the endurance run, the three-time GP winner showed a strong consistency. 'We're doing well in the long run. We're missing something on Mercedes for one lap,' said team principal Christian Horner. He also confirmed that Renault is already driving with Melbourne specification. 'They are only tinkering with the ignition. The drivability has become much better.'

McLaren has to work on its reliability. After 101 laps from the previous day, replacement pilot Kevin Magnussen only managed 39 laps. The Dane was stopped by an oil leak. With his fastest lap of 1: 25.742 minutes, however, Magnussen was ahead of Ricciardo.

In our picture gallery we show you the most beautiful scenes of the day.


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