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F1 test Barcelona 2 (day 2): Rosberg best time and Hülkenberg debut

F1 test Barcelona 2 (day 2)
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D this blow should be right. Mercedes strapped the soft Pirelli rubbers onto the F1 W06 for the first time on Friday (27.2.2105) and buttered the competition with them. Nico Rosberg, who took over the wheel from Lewis Hamilton, set a time of 1: 22.792 minutes on the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

Rosberg over 1.2 seconds ahead of Bottas

Der Wahlmonegasse undercut the Massa best time from the previous day (same tire compound) by over seven tenths. And Rosberg wasn't able to stamp this time in the asphalt just once. In a second attempt on the soft rubbers it was only 20 thousandths slower than the first attempt.

In the pre-season tests, Formula 1 shows that it has become faster. In 2014, Lewis Hamilton's pole position from the Spanish GP was 1: 25.232 minutes. Three drivers undercut this mark on Friday. Valtteri Bottas was one of them. The Williams driver positioned himself in second place. However, the Finn was 1.203 seconds short of the top time.

Kvyat brings the Red Bull's first red flag

Daniil Kvyat triggered it in the Red Bull. The Russian stayed in turn one in his RB11. After more than an hour in the garage, Kvyat went back on the track for the last hour and a half. But Red Bull left the chase for times to the others. After aero runs in the morning with huge measuring equipment behind the two front tires, the shower manufacturer concentrated on medium-length drives in the afternoon. In the end it was enough for eighth place.

Premiere for Hülkenberg in VJM08

The former Red Bull protégé Sebastian Vettel positioned himself better. The new Ferrari driver lined up in fourth position (medium tires). The Scuderia tested a new front wing on Friday, which differs significantly from the previous model.The main wing and cascade were changed, and the Ferrari technicians put an additional baffle on the front wing. The profile and the end plates have also been revised. Ferrari again did without a racing simulation. Instead, Vettel moved on the hard or medium tires again and again in the afternoon. His times were constant, but not particularly fast.

There was also a premiere on Friday. Nico Hülkenberg went out for the first time with the new Force India VJM08. The maiden voyage was positive. The long Rhinelander achieved 77 laps. The new equipment seems to work properly right away.

McLaren-Honda manages over 100 laps

The largest McLaren-Honda managed to surprise the day. After eight out of nine screwed up test days so far, the team finally ran a smooth program. Jenson Button even cracked the 100-round mark. In the final accounts, the 2009 world champion finished fifth.

His personal fastest lap was on the 'soft' mix. McLaren even practiced pit stops. That still seemed unthinkable yesterday. 20 minutes before the end of the day, Button stopped between turns 7 and 8. An electrical defect stopped the MP4-30.

In addition to Button, five other pilots jumped the 100-lap hurdle. Anyway, a lot of kilometers were pedaled on Friday. Max Verstappen was one of the hardest-working drivers. The 17-year-old Dutchman had a tight schedule at Toro Rosso. The team continued experimenting with the new parts, letting Verstappen out with different aero-kin configurations.

With seventh place, Verstappen landed a place behind Maldonado, who was able to draw attention to the medium tires in the Lotus E23, especially during longer stints. The black racing car could have the potential to return to the top. Shortly before the end, however, Maldonado provided the last break of the day.

In our photo show we show you the most beautiful pictures of the second test day with many technical highlights and the maiden voyage of Force India.


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