F1 test 2016: kilometer statistics

F1 test kilometer statistics
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T Today trips are a pretty boring affair. Nothing breaks, hardly anyone flies into the gravel bed. They drive and drive. In the past, there was an extra report when someone exceeded the 100 lap mark. Today it must be explained why it was not made. On the eight days of testing in Barcelona, ​​41 drivers broke the 100 barrier. That's 465 kilometers. So one and a half race distances.

Nico Rosberg set the daily record with 172 laps or 801 kilometers on the second day of testing. Mercedes drove the most laps by a large margin. A total of 6,024 kilometers were on the clock at the end. The defending champion has almost achieved the set goal of playing the same workload in 8 days as in 2015 on 12. A year ago, the silver file managed more 6,118 kilometers despite 4 days.

Toro Rosso is number two

All other teams looked only second class in terms of distance compared to the world champions. Toro Rosso was the clear number 2 with 4,883 kilometers. Otherwise nobody made the 4,000 kilometer mark. From 3rd place followed Williams (3,985), Ferrari (3,975), Red Bull (3,803), Force India (3,626), Renault (3,612), McLaren (3,305), Manor (2,253), HaasF1 (2,207) and Sauber (1,889) . Whereby we at Sauber only counted the kilometers with the new car.

Interestingly, the 3 teams, in which the engine issue was solved late, did not show any sign of the late start of development and production. Renault complained about a turbo damage and a transmission problem. Red Bull had problems with the brakes. And Toro Rosso set an internal mileage record for the winter test drives without a major defect. 'We sat together with the Ferrari engineers for the first time in December,' explained Technical Director James Key.

Mercedes has achieved all development goals

After reviewing the test kilometers, the question arises, why Mercedes has unwound so many more kilometers than the competition. And why did you mainly order medium tires and none of the softest category? Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg certainly don't need driving lessons. You have enough experience. There is only one explanation. Mercedes is sure that the speed is right. Chief designer Aldo Costa says: 'We have achieved all of our development goals.' That sounds like a threat.

The Mercedes engineers are warningbut also that Ferrari has clearly caught up, that Kimi Raikkonen's best time on the medium tire and, above all, his long run on the penultimate test day are values ​​that are not so easily shaken out of the hand.

It was clear to Mercedes that Ferrari will eventually catch up. And maybe Red Bull too, when the GP Canada puts on more power. So the defending champions had to protect themselves in two disciplines that can only be achieved through high mileage.

Reliability and tire management. In 2015 Mercedes complained about three defects. In the opinion of chief technology officer Paddy Lowe, three too many. The Pirelli tires have a different structure this year. A hard tread under the tread. They wanted to find out how this affects wear and tear and loss of grip. Therefore the many kilometers.


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