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F1 technology video Mercedes: Hamilton and Rosberg steering wheel

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F1 technology video Mercedes
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N ormally the steering wheels are within a Formula 1 team same or differ only slightly. It's different with Mercedes. Since Lewis Hamilton switched to the works team, the engineers have had to lend a hand at the steering wheel. The newcomer was not satisfied with the version that Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher were using in 2012 and therefore had his own version tailored.

Hamilton has the steering wheel converted

On The designers had a lot of work to do: the color of the controls had to be changed, the former McLaren driver wanted the rotary switches in his familiar look, individual buttons were repositioned or reprogrammed and then the overall shape of the steering wheel did not fit perfectly.

The control centers in the Silver Arrow may still look similar at first glance, but they are fundamentally different in detail. Only in our exclusive technology video do we show the subtleties of the steering wheels from all perspectives and highlight the most important elements. In a direct comparison, the individual adjustments to the Hamilton wheel can be easily recognized.

Details about the steering wheel in the photo gallery

We have collected the most important scenes again in our picture gallery in order to provide you with additional information, such as the assignment of buttons, switches and rockers. Here you can also find out what happens if you hold down the neutral button for a longer period.


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