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F1 rule reduction decided: measures against overregulation

F1 rule reduction decided
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D he strategy group of Formula 1 started on November 16 in Geneva met. Official statement: “It was a constructive meeting.” Above all, it was different from usual. For the first time there were also 3 stewards on the board. Including the Swiss Paul Gutjahr and the Australian Garry Connelly. And for the first time also Chase Carey, the front man of the future Formula 1 owner Liberty Media.

The most important item on the agenda was the discussion about the overregulation of Formula 1. After 3 hours everyone was in agreement. The overtaking rules and behavioral measures on the route must go. From 2017, the drivers should settle their differences of opinion among themselves instead of hiding behind an increasingly complex set of rules.

One participant warned: “One rule determines the next. This inflates the set of rules so that in the end no one can see through. We need clear wording that does not allow for any interpretation. ”Or, as Bernie Ecclestone demanded:“ The rules must be written so that I understand them. ”

Stewards only react to accidents

The stewards invited admitted that the scope for interpretation of the current regulations is too great, so that different judgments are repeatedly made for comparable offenses. Especially in the case of violations of the route limits, a solution must be found in which the route automatically penalizes those drivers who shorten or gain an advantage through a larger radius.

After the brainstorming, the FIA, Bernie Ecclestone and the Team bosses FIA race director Charlie Whiting tasked with shortening and simplifying the overtaking rules so that there are no more discussions after the race. The drivers should no longer be able to hide behind paragraphs.

The race management and stewards should only intervene if a dangerous situation or an accident occurs. And in that order. The FIA ​​race director decides there is a case. Only then do the stewards decide. The result should be known on the day of the race. A postcard like Ferrari after the GP Mexico should no longer be possible.

Discussion of overtaking only since Verstappen

Niki Lauda welcomes the resolutions that he had already called for before the meeting. “First of all, we have to ask ourselves why these discussions have increased so recently. But only because ofVerstappen drives better than the others. His aggressive driving style upset everyone else. For me there is only one solution. Should the others also drive aggressively. Or hit the Verstappen in the Goschn after the race. ”

Lauda cannot understand the pilots' desire for even more rules. “They should drive and work it out among themselves on the route. Just like it was with us 40 years ago. Back then, sport was 1,000 times more dangerous, and we kept to unwritten laws even without rules. For me, the best saying after the Brazilian Grand Prix came from Alonso. He threatened the hag to drive him into the box if he pushes him off the track next time. '


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