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F1 reliability table: Red Bull with the most kilometers

Red Bull
Reliability table of Formula 1 2016
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M ercedes only in 2nd place one rarely this season. Red Bull beats Mercedes by 83 racing kilometers. However, the racing team from Milton Keynes recorded one more retirement. To be exact. Red Bull only competed with one car once. Daniil Kvyat's battery went on strike in Australia on the way to the starting grid. Then there was Max Verstappen's gearbox damage in Austin.

Renault is back in last place

Mercedes only recorded one defect. Lewis Hamilton's engine failure in Malaysia. Instead, the crash between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton in the first lap of the Spanish GP ruined the Silver Arrows' balance. The double zero cost 614 kilometers. Red Bull also had two accidents. From Daniil Kvyat in Sochi and from Max Verstappen in Monte Carlo.

Williams is in third place despite 5 defects. Before Force India, which only stopped twice with technical problems, but failed four times with accidents. Three times in the first round. Compared to last year, McLaren-Honda has significantly increased the ranking of the racing kilometers. From 9th place in the 2015 season to 6th place this season.

With 8 technical failures, McLaren is still at the bottom. Only three of these concerned the engine or its environment. Two gearbox damage, two brake defects and a broken suspension show that McLaren's stability is still a building site. As in the previous year, Renault is in last place. The successor team from Lotus only covered 10,369 kilometers with 7 defects and 4 accidents. That's 1,490 kilometers less than Red Bull.


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