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F1 registration process: FIA criteria for new entrants

As announced, the FIA ​​has now started an official registration process for racing teams that want to compete in Formula 1. In the end, however, the world association cannot make the selection alone.

Formula 1 is currently experiencing a boom. Increased viewership, greater interest from sponsors and expensive rights deals are causing revenues to skyrocket. At the same time, thanks to the introduction of the budget cap in 2021, there is a limit on spending. This means that all participants can earn real money for the first time in the history of Formula 1.

Gone are the days when the premier class was threatened by bankruptcies and exits. The opposite is currently the case: Applicants are said to be lining up for a place in motorsport's upper house - above all the US team Andretti Autosports, which is knocking loudly on the door with the support of engine partner Cadillac.

In order to separate capable applicants from air numbers, FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem announced a few weeks ago that he would launch an official registration process at the world association. This step is now complete. As the sports authority officially announced on Thursday (February 2nd), candidates can now apply in writing.

Competence, finances, climate protection

The statement states that all interested parties must undergo a thorough examination. This primarily affects the technical infrastructure, the skills of the workforce and the financial resources. This is to ensure that newcomers can keep up at a competitive level.

In addition, for the first time, the efforts of the candidates are asked how they want to achieve the sustainability goals of Formula 1. In 2030, as is well known, the premier class should operate completely CO₂-neutral. Applicants must also demonstrate how their participation in Formula 1 will have a "positive social impact".

In the end, the long-term interests of Formula 1 will be taken into account in the decision. A newcomer must add value to the series. Above all, this means increased viewer interest and thus higher income. It's not just about filling the starting grid.

F1 bosses and teams have a say

In its statement, the FIA ​​admits that it will not make the decision on whether to come in or out alone, but with all parties concerned. The rights holders of Liberty Media around F1 boss Stefano Domenicali are just as much on board as the other ten teams, whose pieces of the big prize cake are getting smaller with each newcomer.

However, the candidates only find out what the registration process looks like in detail, which deadlines, for example, have to be met and what legal requirements are set after they have informed the FIA ​​of their preliminary interest in participating.

A fee of 20,000 US dollars must be paid to the world association for the first application. The amount requested by the FIA ​​as compensation for the effort involved in the entire test is 300,000 euros. This must also be paid if F1 entry is denied.

A maximum of 12 teams in the 2025 season

The 2025 season is given as the earliest date for newcomers. If you want to be there, you have to apply by April 30, 2023. The decision will then be made by June 30th. According to the FIA, a maximum of 12 teams are allowed. If no suitable candidate is found, the current ten teams remain.

"Formula 1 is currently on an unprecedented growth trajectory," said FIA President Ben Sulayem. "The FIA ​​believes that the right conditions are now in place for new entrants who meet all the criteria to formally express their interest in participating in the championship."

"For the first time, we require that candidates show us how they intend to achieve the FIA's sustainability goals and how they make a positive contribution to society through sport. The registration process is the logical consequence of the positively received engine regulations for 2026, that lured Audi into Formula 1 and aroused the interest of other potential newcomers."


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