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F1 Race Stars
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K you also call the good old Mario Kart on the Super Nintendo ? Simply accelerate, without a lot of frills, but with all the more fun. For those who find today's Formula 1 simulations with their endless setup settings, KERS activation and DRS overtaking maneuvers too complicated, the Codenmasters will soon have an alternative: F1 Race Stars.

Arcade- Action in F1 Race Stars

In November, just in time for Christmas business, the arcade racer is due to hit the market. The focus here is not on the simulation but on simple fun without many rules in a direct duel with friends. Four players can drive each other into the boxes using split-screen mode. In the online multiplayer mode, even twelve players have the opportunity to compete.

The first screenshots and the action-packed trailer video clearly show where the direction is going. The pilots turn into funny cartoon characters. The Formula 1 cars mutate into hot comic racers in compact kart format. And suddenly there are vertical hairpin bends and loops on the racetracks - thanks to fire turbo boost, lack of power is no problem. Apparently there are no limits.

Vettel, Alonso & Co. in cartoon format

F1 Race Stars has the official Formula 1 licenses that all current pilots and the cars with the usual livery and sponsors should also appear in the game. The developers also want to incorporate the original tracks such as Monaco, Silverstone or Austin into the arcade comic world.

F1 Race Stars will be a Formula 1 game that has never existed before, the developers promise. Versions for the Xbox 360, the Playstation 3 and the PC are planned. In our picture gallery we already have a little foretaste of what the cars and pilots will look like in comic format.


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