F1 presentations 2016: the dates

F1 presentations 2016
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D he Formula 1 test winter 2016 doesn't start like otherwise usual at the beginning but this year not until the end of February (22.2.) in Barcelona. This gives the engineers a little extra time, which is of course used intensively. Not a minute should be wasted in the development and construction of the new F1 generation. As usual, the teams do not give a first look at the new cars until the start of the test - or just before that.

Ferrari in pole position

Ferrari kicks off. On Friday (February 19, 2016) the Italians want to publish the first pictures of the car at 2 p.m. According to rumors, the new Vettel racer will get a kind of retro paint job. As in the 1970s, the area around the airbox is painted white. However, there is still no information about the name of the 2016 model.

McLaren will also show some photos of the new car before the start of the test. The secret of the MP4-31 is to be revealed one day before the test drives start.

Haas and Force India unveil in Barcelona

Newcomer Haas F1 has also announced the first details on the presentation of its first F1 racer. On Monday (February 22nd, 2016) at 7:50 a.m., 70 minutes before the test drives start, the cloth will be pulled from the car in the pit lane of Barcelona. Journalists and photographers will then have the opportunity to take a closer look at the racing car.

A short time later, the reporters will move a few garages to Force India. There Nico H├╝lkenberg and Sergio Perez will reveal the secret of the new VJM09 at 8.30 a.m. But we still hope that there may be a few photos of the car a little earlier.

On the other hand, the fans have to completely forego the new Sauber at the first test. The C35 won't be ready until shortly before the second week of testing, which starts on March 1st. Renault has already presented the paintwork for the test drives. Red Bull also wants to unveil the new design before the car is presented. On Wednesday (February 17th, 2016) the energy drink team will be showing the look in London. As usual, the new car will not roll out of the garage until the start of the test.


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