F1 Power Ranking Italian GP 2022

Italian GP 2022

Red Bull can only be beaten in one round at the moment. In the race, Max Verstappen plays the lower tire wear against Ferrari. At least Ferrari was able to regain second place in our power ranking against Mercedes in Monza.

Since the Hungarian GP, ​​Saturday doesn't match Sunday anymore. On a fast lap, Charles Leclerc in the Ferrari is still the measure of all things. The Monegasque secured pole position for the eighth time in Monza. In the race, the order is reversed. Once again. Max Verstappen wins there, no matter where he starts. This time it was seventh on the grid due to an engine penalty.

It's always the same trump card that Red Bull plays on Sunday. The Red Bull protects its tires better. This forces Ferrari to adopt risky strategies that usually go wrong. After all, Ferrari prevailed against Mercedes this time. Monza was not a Mercedes track. Everything comes together that the Mercedes cannot do. Lots of ground clearance, little downforce, high top speed.

McLaren convinces on fear track

McLaren had tails before Monza. For the same reasons as Mercedes. Nevertheless, McLaren made good six points on World Cup rival Alpine. It could have been more if Daniel Ricciardo hadn't retired with an engine failure shortly before the end. Alpine also recorded a failure. Fernando Alonso was lying in the McLaren sandwich when a water leak threatened engine death.

Things are going well behind McLaren and Alpine. The positions are based on the track layout and the strengths and weaknesses of the cars. Williams and Alfa Romeo rose, Haas and Aston Martin fell. Monza was particularly bitter for Aston Martin. The cars weren't fast either on the straights or in the corners. Both drivers retired from the race with drivetrain problems.

Power Ranking GP Italy 2022

Here is our power ranking of Monza at a glance. As usual, you can find the detailed form check of all ten teams in the gallery.

  • Red Bull (1)
  • Ferrari (3)
  • Mercedes (2)
  • McLaren (5)
  • Alpine (4)
  • Alpha Tauri (7)
  • Williams (9)
  • Alfa Romeo ( 10)
  • Aston Martin (6)
  • Haas (10)
  • *in brackets post Netherlands GP position


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