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F1 power ranking GP Monaco: Red Bull outclasses opponents

F1 power ranking GP Monaco
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D he top teams share the victories fraternally. Red Bull, Mercedes and Ferrari have each won twice this year. Each team clearly dominated at least one Grand Prix. Ferrari in Bahrain, Mercedes in Spain, Red Bull in Monaco. The route determines who is ahead.

The street circuit in the Principality is painted for a car with the most downforce, excellent braking stability and traction and a tire-friendly chassis. Especially when such delicate tires as hypersoft rubber are used. Pirelli's softest blend is also on sale in Canada. Good for Red Bull, bad for the opponents.

Red Bull unbeatable despite problems

No one could keep up with Red Bull. Ferrari lost two, Mercedes four tenths. That's a lot in Monte Carlo. Ferrari and Mercedes didn't quarrel with their fate either. From both camps one heard that more was not possible. Not even against a wounded Red Bull. Daniel Ricciardo drove 52 laps without the MGU-K. The other Red Bull driver started from behind. Max Verstappen gambled away the chance of a one-two with his training accident.

There is no clear pattern behind the three top teams. HaasF1 was fourth in Barcelona and couldn't even keep up with Sauber and Williams in Monaco. Only the overall impression keeps the Americans in 8th place in our power ranking. Force India climbed out of mediocrity to the top of the 'Formula B' ranking. Without Sergio Perez's failed pit stop, both cars would have ended up in the points.

Power Ranking GP Monaco 2018

Here is the power ranking of the GP Spain. As always, you can find the detailed form check of all 10 teams in our gallery.

  1. Red Bull (3)
  2. Ferrari (2)
  3. Mercedes (1)
  4. Force India (7)
  5. Renault (5)
  6. McLaren (6)
  7. Toro Rosso ( 9)
  8. HaasF1 (4)
  9. Clean (8)
  10. Williams (10)
    * in brackets position after the GP Spain


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