F1 Power Ranking GP Europe 2012

F1 Power Ranking GP Europe 2012
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B All stages of Red Bull's development were now either gone or only showed an effect at the second attempt. But never in such a way that the competition should have been afraid. Now she has to worry and hope that the characteristics of the Valencia Street Circuit have contributed to Red Bull's superiority. In the form in which Sebastian Vettel presented himself in Valencia, he would be unbeatable. If the alternator lasts.

Ferrari keeps making progress, it's just getting smaller. At the moment the strategy is the bigger construction site in Maranello. Training places 11 and 13 are the result of arrogant tactics. If the first eleven drivers are separated by just 0.218 seconds in Q2, you shouldn't think about saving tires. The race showed what the Ferrari can really do. Fernando Alonso would not have been an opponent for Sebastian Vettel if he had started from second place.

Lotus overtakes McLaren

Lotus was not as strong since Bahrain. This time even with better starting positions. But again there was no victory. Romain Grosjean might have been dangerous to Alonso in the final because of the lower tire wear of the Lotus, but his alternator also went on strike. The heat helped the black cars. Also the new front wing. But what it's worth will only be shown by Silverstone.

McLaren stumbles from one extreme to the other. Nowhere in Monte Carlo. Victory in Montreal. In the valley of tears in Valencia. Quite clearly: the engineers don't understand their car. It has nothing to do with the tires. In addition, there are further strategic mistakes and breakdown pit stops. The result was that Mercedes looked better than it actually was. Positions three and six were only possible thanks to the late pit stops. The need forced this tactic on Mercedes.

At Sauber and Williams, the following still applies: great cars, mediocre drivers. Both gave away points again on a large scale. The Force India duo showed what the driver pairing can do. The VJM05 didn't have a new screw, and yet Nico Hülkenberg and Paul di Resta won 16 points. You are now just one point behind Williams.

Toro Rosso has a problem with the drivers and the car. For the first time a Caterham was faster in training. And when Caterham's big tech package at Silverstone brings the projected progress, ToroRosso will have to wrap up warm.As usual, Marussia and HRT F1 fought for the red lantern. The Spaniards were better in training, in the Marussia race.

Power Ranking GP Europe 2012

Here we have a brief overview of the power ranking after the GP Europe. As always, you can find the detailed form check of all twelve teams in the picture gallery.

  1. Red Bull (2)
  2. Ferrari (1)
  3. Lotus (4)
  4. McLaren (3)
  5. Mercedes (5)
  6. Clean (6)
  7. Williams (7)
  8. Force India (8)
  9. Toro Rosso (9)
  10. Caterham (10)
  11. Marussia (11)
  12. HRT (12)
* in brackets, Positions after the Canadian GP


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