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F1 photos Singapore GP 2018 (Friday): Free practice photos

F1 photos GP Singapore 2018 (Friday)
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W hen the sun slowly goes down in the bay in front of Singapore and the floodlight chain transforms the asphalt into a glistening ribbon, then a unique atmosphere is always created. Although Formula 1 now also drives in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi with artificial lighting, the skyscrapers, the ferris wheel and the nearby grandstands always provide a unique backdrop.

The guard rails are also known to be a little closer in Singapore on the ideal line than on permanent racetracks, which turns the chase for times on the slippery street course into a delicate tightrope act. Then there are the desert temperatures and the sauna climate, which lead to an increased error rate every year.

Leclerc makes first mistake

The first driver who does not drive his car on Friday Charles Leclerc, of all people, brought it back to the box safely. Only a few days after his promotion to the Ferrari works driver, the Sauber driver's right front wheel got stuck inside the gangway at turn 12.

Leclerc, who for the first time in a Formula 1 car on the technically demanding track in Singapore, apologized directly to his mechanics. By repairing the damage, the screwdrivers also worked up a sweat in the break between the two sessions.

Prelude with aero tests

The engineers were also very busy. Almost all of the teams traveled to Singapore with larger upgrade packages for the night race. The first session began in many places with aerodynamic measurements, which were externally noticeable through additional sensors or bright FloViz paint on the wings.

In the gallery, as always, we have a colorful mix of technical highlights the pit lane and spectacular action pictures from the track have been put together for you.


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