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F1 photos of the 2018 season: The Formula 1 year in pictures

Hasan Bratic
F1 photos of the 2018 season
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D he Formula 1 is approaching its big anniversary. The 1,000 races in the history of the highest motorsport class will take place on April 14, 2019. The preparations are ongoing. Although the teams know about the big event, they focus more on their new cars.

Before we go full throttle to the new season, the 70th in GP history, we want to look back at the past season. As in 2016, the calendar included 21 races. There was never more than in these two years. Only one has collected more titles than Lewis Hamilton in the past. Michael Schumacher, who booked seven world championships. Mercedes prevailed again against Ferrari, Hamilton again against Sebastian Vettel. The Briton had five titles and is now sharing second place with Juan Manuel Fangio.

Pictures of the year in the gallery

But the 2018 season had much more to offer than that Title fight between the two most successful drivers today, between silver and red. Marcus Ericsson caused the most spectacular accident of the year in Monza. The Swede rolled in his Sauber at the end of the home straight at 300 km /h. The DRS did not close when braking.

All eyes on the world champion: Lewis Hamiton climbs into the Mercedes W09.

Ericsson was unharmed. Just like Fernando Alonso, whom Nico Hülkenberg picked up at the start of the Belgian GP and catapulted over Charles Leclerc's Sauber. The Halo safety bar then made a few tracks. The halo is a good keyword. For the first time, the cars wore the titanium ring over the cockpit. The security fanatics are happy, the purists are still shaking their heads. Contemporaryor disfigured? You have to judge that for yourself.

Alonso celebrated his preliminary farewell. Burnouts in Abu Dhabi, selfies at every opportunity with the fans: you could tell that the Spaniard will at least miss Formula 1 a little. As always, the night races in Bahrain, Singapore and Abu Dhabi brought a shower of sparks and spectacular driving shots. Creative fans, hot-blooded drivers, light and shadow games: our photographer Wolfgang Wilhelm struck - you can find the best pictures of the season in our gallery.


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