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F1 Photos Monaco 2022 - Practice: Street circuit bites

Monaco GP 2022

Already on the Friday of practice, the drivers in Monaco went to the limit and beyond. Not all cars made it back to the garage without damage. We show you the fascinating action pictures from the fight in the crash barrier jungle.

Monaco already had a place on the racing calendar in the first Formula 1 season in 1950. But lately there have been more and more voices that would like to remove the classic from the Grand Prix list in the Principality. The allegations are always the same: Monaco pays too few fees. And on race Sunday there is not enough overtaking action.

You have to admit that the races don't always offer excitement and spectacle. On the other hand, practice and qualifying are much more to the point than the other weekends on permanent racetracks. This year the practice sessions have been moved from Thursday to Friday. However, the relocation had no impact on the action factor.

Rows of pilots slid into the run-off zones with stationary wheels. Even proven experts in their field, such as Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, were not spared from driving errors. The secret at Monaco is to make mistakes in corners where there is one of the few emergency exits.

Ricciardo in the gang

Unfortunately Daniel Ricciardo didn't succeed in the second session. The McLaren driver lost the rear of his car in the first part of the swimming pool passage. In a desperate attempt to intercept the load again, the oncoming commuter threw Ricciardo into the crash barrier. The mishap finally ended nose ahead in the TecPro barriers.

A major repair is waiting for the McLaren mechanics in the evening, which cannot be completed comfortably on the day off as it used to be. Fortunately, McLaren has enough spare parts for the papaya racer on site. It will be interesting to see whether the pilot's battered self-confidence can be repaired so easily.

In the gallery, we once again show you the highlights of the first day of training in the Principality.


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