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F1 Photos GP USA 2022 - Highlights from the race

US GP 2022

The Austin Grand Prix was one of the best races of the year. A big crash and a cinematic comeback from Max Verstappen provided great entertainment. After the finale, tears were first shed, then there was celebration. We show the highlights in the gallery.

The races in Texas always have drama to offer. But on Sunday, the fans in the stands got a particularly good show. The thriller was almost reminiscent of Hollywood. Max Verstappen had to start from second on the grid after narrowly losing qualifying. But after winning the start, he suddenly looked like the sure winner.

The botched second pit stop on lap 36 then suddenly messed up the whole script. Verstappen fell back to third place. A Mercedes and a Ferrari suddenly separated him from his 13th win of the season. But then the freshly crowned double world champion showed his heart and regained the lead within 14 laps.

Not only crime thriller friends got their money's worth, action fans shouldn't go home unsatisfied either. Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso took the spectacle to the extreme. The two next-year Aston team-mates got in each other's way on the long straight at around 300 km/h. A small contact resulted in a violent crash.

Tears on the podium

After crossing the finish line, Red Bull was again responsible for the emotional high point. When Max Verstappen climbed onto the top step of the podium and thus made it clear that he had won the Constructors' Cup early, tears flowed from many team members - Verstappen himself was also overcome by emotions.

"Dietrich Mateschitz would have liked this race," beamed Red Bull head of sport Helmut Marko at the end of the day. The hard-fought triumph was of course dedicated to the company founder, who died the day before. The US Grand Prix will go down in history as a true Formula 1 classic. In the gallery we review a great race.


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