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F1 Photos GP USA 2019 - Race: Pictures of the Masters Party

F1 photos GP USA 2019 - races
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W what would Formula 1 be without Lewis Hamilton ? After five championship celebrations before, you should actually think that you have already seen all the party pictures. But the all-time winner always comes up with something new. After crossing the finish line, the newly crowned title holder put on a Hollywood-style show.

The celebrations began in Parc Fermé. The F1 bosses had specially painted a special parking space on the asphalt for the newly crowned master, which was reserved only for his Silver Arrows. FIA technology expert Jo Bauer joked before the race: “I'll be careful that no other driver stands on it.”

And so Hamilton parked his Silver Arrow with relish in front of the golden championship shield. Then the jubilation knew no bounds. Hamilton lined up for the photographers with the British flag, he held six fingers in all the cameras, had himself showered with champagne on the podium and later climbed onto the tool boxes in the box with the trophy.

Jerry André
Smooth breakthrough: The Ferrari wishbones on the Vettel car did not allow any further travel.

Bottas victory and Ferrari drama just a side note

The fact that Valtteri Bottas was actually the winner of the day hardly played a role. The fact that Ferrari presented itself completely from the role would actually only have been worth a side note if Max Verstappen did not use striking words to establish a connection between the weakness of the red cars and a technical directive of the FIA ​​after the race.

Sebastian Vettel quickly stopped by the cooling room before the award ceremony to congratulate Lewis Hamilton on the title. The Heppenheimer was already at this pointfreshly showered because he had to end the race prematurely on the eighth lap with a defective suspension.

In the picture gallery we show you the photos of the Ferrari drama and the highlights of the Hamilton party.


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