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F1 photos GP Spain 2018 (Wednesday): The first pictures from Barcelona

F1 photos GP Spain 2018 (Wednesday)
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N oh four Grands Prix are in the distance the teams arrived back where they did the first laps with the new cars during the winter test drives in February and March. And as with the test runs, the weather in Barcelona was not exactly a friend of Formula 1.

On Wednesday afternoon, when the final work was in progress in the pit lane and in the paddock, it all started to rain the gray sky. There was no sign of the Spanish sun. The mercury remained at a meager 18 ┬░ C. At least that way the many construction workers didn't break a sweat.

The half-finished racing car was shot down while unloading. The mechanics are only so semi-enthusiastic, however, when you watch them unload the valuable cargo over the wobbly truck ramps. Fortunately, everything went well this time.

Red carpet leads to the paddock entrance

As always, there was a lot to discover in the paddock. For the first time this year the new motorhomes were built. Beer sponsor Heineken was busy setting up its bar. As a completely new highlight, a long red carpet was rolled out to the redesigned paddock entrance for the first time.

We did not let the adverse weather conditions deter us and went armed with the camera on the first tour. We are happy to show you the first pictures from Barcelona in the gallery.


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