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F1 photos GP Spain 2018 (Thursday): Ferrari grow ears

F1 photos GP Spain 2018 (Thursday)
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D en Thursday in Barcelona technology is canceled -Fans always especially thick on the calendar. At the first European race, the teams traditionally ignite their first major upgrade packages. And so, of course, we were eagerly waiting in the pit lane this year as well.

The closest look was into the McLaren garage. The traditional team from Woking had announced a complete renovation with new baffles, wings and an unusual nose. However, as usual, the team's mechanics took their time assembling the car.

When asked, the referees stated that rearview mirrors could also be attached to the Halo.

This measure was actually intended that pilots should get a better view to the rear. But as always, the engineers made clever use of this to also have a positive effect on the aerodynamics. And so, in addition to securing the mirror, smaller baffles are also mounted. The extension is not particularly aesthetically pleasing.

Barcelona photos from Thursday

In the afternoon, one team after the other dared to leave the safe cover of their garage, which gave us the opportunity gave to take a closer look at the technology. In addition to the first photos of the modified cars, we also packed some colorful impressions from Thursday in Barcelona.


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