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F1 photos GP Singapore 2018: The pictures from the race

F1 photos GP Singapore 2018
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F he race in Singapore is the most difficult for the pilots the season. The same goes for the photographers. Like the drivers, the artists at the trigger have to do heavy work at 30 ° degrees and a sauna climate. Carrying the extensive equipment with various lenses around the route requires a good level of fitness.

But Singapore is not only a physical challenge. The photographers also have to show all their skills professionally. The difficult lighting conditions require a lot of experience. In the first year of the night race in 2009, there was still a lot of experimentation to be done. The F1 paparazzi now know how to perfectly stage the spectacle with artificial lighting.

Hot duels under floodlights

The duel Perez vs. Ocon caused a nuisance at Force India.

The results were once again unique pictures. But the drivers also played their part. Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon caused a bang after just a few corners. The duel between the two pink racers ended for one of the two in the wall. Run-off zones are known to be in short supply in Singapore.

Two other leading actors in the 2018 edition were Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen. On the first lap, the Ferrari passed the Red Bull at the end of the straight, spraying sparks. After the pit stop there was the counterattack. Again there was a direct duel - but this time in a winding curve to the start /finish.

Hamilton sets the highlights

However, the biggest spotlight was due to Lewis Hamilton. After his qualifying gala, the world champion didn't let anything go in the race either. As a reward, the driver and his company car were given a place on the new light stage in Parc Fermé. The victory cameunexpectedly. The party followed afterwards.

In the gallery we show you the fascinating pictures of the action on the track and the Mercedes party afterwards.


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