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F1 photos GP Singapore 2018 (Saturday): photos from qualifying

Red Bull
F1 photos GP Singapore 2018 (Saturday)
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H high temperatures, uncomfortable humidity , Walls close to the racing line and a single lap with 23 corners - this combination is only available in Singapore. And this combination makes the Singapore qualifying a unique experience. At most, Monaco can keep up, even if the lap around the marina is much shorter and the climate is much more pleasant.

Overtaking in the race is just as difficult on the Marina Bay Circuit as it is on the famous harbor tour on the Cote d'Azur. That's why the drivers always go to the limit in qualifying - or even beyond. Wall contacts are more the rule than the exception here. Stoffel Vandoorne managed the feat of attacking four times in one round.

Enwaves cause the cars to hit hard again and again, which results in flying sparks just after midnight like on Silverster.

Red Bull shoots the fireworks at the rear particularly violently. Adrian Newey's cars are particularly close to the asphalt due to their strong position on the front runner. With the low ground clearance, no consideration is given to driver comfort. The photographers, on the other hand, are happy.

This year, the spectacular flight of sparks seemed to be particularly pronounced. Almost all cars left a scorch trail behind them. In part, the play was reminiscent of the famous scene from the movie series Back to the Future. Sebastian Vettel may have felt like he was in the wrong film. Hamilton's dream lap turned into a nightmare for the Heppenheimer.

In the gallery we once again show you the best pictures from Hamilton's finest hour and of course the most spectacular sparks.


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