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F1 photos GP Russia (Wednesday): First pictures from Sochi

F1 photos GP Russia 2018 (Wednesday)
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E s is always the same game. On a Wednesday before a Grand Prix weekend, the Formula 1 teams barricade themselves in their garages. On no other day, apart from the test drives, is the importance of privacy screens so high. Nobody should watch as the thousands of pieces of the puzzle are put together to make the fastest car. On the other hand, this game of hide and seek is also part of the charm that Formula 1 spreads.

We roam the 419 meter long pit lane of the Sochi Autodrom. The fifth GP Russia will take place there next weekend. The previous four issues all went to silver. Lewis Hamilton won in 2014 and 2015. Nico Rosberg in 2016, before Valtteri Bottas conquered the 5.848-kilometer route on the Black Sea the following year. It was the Finn's first ever F1 victory.

It was rather quiet. The most exciting scene takes place at the entrance. Two men abseil down from the main building to clean the facade. Sochi is dressing up. The workers still put up advertisements along the way. In the pit lane they spray the names of the drivers and their start numbers onto the asphalt.

A couple of mechanics from Mercedes, Red Bull and Williams are preparing the Pirelli tires. Using stencils, they spray an “L” or “R” on the flanks. 'Left' and 'Right', in German left and right, so that the sides are not swapped. The drivers are not yet in sight. The roles are distributed. Sebastian Vettel has to attack. He has to finish before Lewis Hamilton, and if possible win. Otherwise the dream of the fifth world title, the first with Ferrari, is a long way off.

In our photo show we show you the pictures from Wednesday from Sochi.


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