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F1 photos GP Monaco (Saturday): Verstappen's black day

F1 photos GP Monaco 2018 (Saturday)
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E s should be simple not his for Max Verstappen this year. Six races, six incidents. The youngest in Monaco will most likely ruin the Grand Prix for him on Saturday.

Eight minutes before the end of the third training session, the Dutchman crashed his right front wheel into the wall on the inside of the second swimming pool chicane in order to finally drill his RB14 into the guardrails at the end of the curve. By then, Verstappen was already a passenger in a car whose steering no longer worked. The mistake earned the three-time GP winner a verbal slap in the face from the Red Bull management. And cost him the qualification.

Qualifying pictures from Monaco in the gallery

Team mate Daniel Ricciardo, on the other hand, continued his perfect weekend. The Australian could not be beaten in qualifying either. Not from Sebastian Vettel. Not from Lewis Hamilton. And unlike Verstappen, Ricciardo does not make mistakes. Accordingly, the sun boy got the broadest grin after work was done. Ricciardo is determined to win this time in Monte Carlo after the missed success in 2016. He has the very best chances for that on race Sunday. For Red Bull it would be the culmination of the 250th GP in team history.

Apart from the Verstappen incident, the race weekend in the Principality is surprisingly quiet. Although the drivers in their racing cars aimed past the crash barriers to the millimeter. Sometimes they also brush against the barriers. In most cases, however, without any significant damage.

In our photo show we show you the qualifying pictures from Monaco.


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