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F1 photos GP Monaco (Friday): A lot going on on Formula 1-free Friday

F1 photos GP Monaco (Friday)
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A On Friday, Formula 1 in Monaco traditionally has it free. Only the GP2 and the Porsche Supercup raided the track in the morning. However, that does not mean that nobody will be seen in the paddock. Nevertheless, the drivers strolled through the pit lane and diligently signed autographs. The fans squeezed against the guardrail to catch a glimpse of their stars.

Teams practice pit stops, fans celebrate

There was a lot of work in the garages. The teams took the cars apart and practiced pit stops. Some had some details checked again during the technical acceptance - for example Lotus. In addition, Friday offers a good opportunity to meander the many VIP guests through the pit lane and give them a look behind the scenes.

There was a lot going on around the track. In the Saint Devote the colors of the curbs were painted again. Numerous onlookers took selfies in front of the casino or on other parts of the route.

In our picture gallery we show you the best photos from the free Friday in Monaco.


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