F1 photos GP Monaco 2018 (Wednesday):

F1 photos GP Monaco 2018 (Wednesday)
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D he Grand Prix of Monaco belongs to Formula 1 dinosaurs. The race in the canyons of Monte Carlo has been firmly anchored in the racing calendar since 1955. The races before that time were not always part of the Formula 1 season. The 65th edition will rise in 2018. Only in England and Italy was the premier class of motorsport frequent guests.

Monaco is an icon of motorsport. Like the Indy 500 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The drivers love the challenge of shimmy along the guardrails to the limit. No route on the racing calendar is shorter. The 19 curves stretch over 3.337 kilometers. No route is slower. The race distance of 260.286 kilometers is the shortest of the year. A Formula 1 race usually covers 310 kilometers.

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On Wednesday (23.5.2018) the drivers inspected the eight left and eleven right turns while their mechanics in the garages were preparing the cars. The day before the first day of training is traditionally the technical inspection. Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen's Ferrari SF71H didn't have to be looked at twice to spot a change straight away. The FIA ​​asked Ferrari to modify the halo mirror. The rearview mirror still hangs on the titanium bracket, but the additional winglets have disappeared.

The teams trim the cars for maximum contact pressure. You can see it on the rear wings. And additional elements such as the double T-wing from Force India, which is spread over four floors. In contrast to the previous day, the chaos was eliminated. There were only a few trucks in the pit lane. The racing teams have set up. In our photo show we show you the impressions from Wednesday from Monte Carlo.


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