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F1 photos GP Germany 2018 - The pictures from Thursday

F1 photos GP Germany 2018 (Thursday)
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F usually the teams keep their new ones Parts hidden for as long as possible to keep enemies in the dark. But Renault did it differently on Thursday (July 19, 2018) before the German Grand Prix. In the morning, the French factory racing team exhibited its new front wing completely defenseless in front of the garage, which is supposed to make the R.S. 18 faster and ideally bypass the competition from HaasF1. Renault finally wants to be number four in the field again and meet its own requirements.

Hockenheim pictures in the gallery

The mechanics didn't care a bit that the photographers were eager to see the front wing photographed. The differences between old and new can be seen at first glance. The fourth-placed team of the Constructors' Championship designed both the main leaf and the end plates, which fan out more in the rear part. However, the competition does not sleep before the eleventh GP 2018. Sauber is approaching with a completely new cooling package. Most of the changes take place under the disguise, but are also visible from the outside.

Local hero Sebastian Vettel showed up early on and inspected the 4.574-kilometer piste in Baden at 10:30 a.m. Nico Hülkenberg, who is contesting his sixth home race at the weekend, circled the course with the helicopter for TV recordings. Hockenheim is holding a Formula 1 race for the 36th time in history. Only in Monza (67), Monte Carlo (65), Silverstone (52), Spa-Francorchamps (50), at the Nürburgring (40) and in Montreal (39) was driven more often.

Ferrari should be for the race have tiny updates in the front section. Mercedes also adds. The engineers redesigned the sub-floor behind the bargeboards. Underbody is a good keyword. The Red Bull RB14 has two new longitudinal slots in front of the rear tires, which connect to four slots. The flood of upgrades continues. Like Renault, Williams presented a new front wing.

The 63rd GP Germany could be a hot affair. It was also extremely hot on Thursday with temperatures around 30 degrees. The mechanics were sweating, the drivers inspected the track and took care of the press. In our photo show we show you the best pictures from Thursday from Hockenheim.


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