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J a, we have to admit that this time it was not so easy to find many spectacular scenes from racing Sunday at Le Castellet. The race will not go down as the greatest crime thriller in Formula 1 history. Lewis Hamilton won from pole position. The whole race didn't change anything in the first four positions.

In fifth place Sebastian Vettel did damage limitation as expected. In the fight for the other points it only got exciting in the last lap. The TV cameras missed the moment because they preferred to show Lewis Hamilton crossing the finish line. Even the photographers didn't catch the chaos because they were already waiting for the winners at Parc Fermé.

May we introduce: Sebastian Mac Vettel

Happy Birthday Sir Jackie!

Nevertheless, it is worth taking a look at our photo gallery. The fans were offered a lot around the race. It began with the show drive by Jean-Pierre Jabouille, who really heated up the fans with his Renault R.S. 10. Unfortunately we cannot provide you with a sound sample of the turbo monster from 1979.

In addition to the 40-year-old Formula 1 racer, an 80th birthday was also celebrated. The Formula 1 circus bowed to the three-time world champion Sir Jackie Stewart. For a group photo with all drivers, team bosses and the F1 bosses, all participants were given Scottish hats. However, four pilots didn't take part in the fun.

After the race there were also some interesting scenes. Of course, Lewis Hamilton put on the usual show again at Parc Fermé. Mercedes selected a spectacular backdrop for the traditional team photo. In the gallery we show you the pictures.


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