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F1 Photos GP England 2018: Photos Practice Friday Silverstone

F1 photos GP England 2018 - Friday
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F was for Romain Grosjean the first day of training ended after 60 of 180 minutes by car. The Frenchman threw his HaasF1 racing car into the tire wall in the first corner. With the DRS open, the Frenchman lost the rear in the first corner and was only a passenger after that. Grosjeans bad luck: the impact not only damaged the front wing and front suspension, but also the chassis. The mechanics have to swap it. As a result, the fourth-placed Austrian GP missed the second session at Silverstone.

Grosjean was one of four drivers who left the rear wing flap open in the first bend in practice. The newly built DRS zone between the start-finish and turn three presents drivers and cars with a challenge. Max Verstappen, Sebastian Vettel and Esteban Ocon did better than Grosjean and got through Abbey unscathed.

Training pictures in the gallery

Silverstone is one of the fastest tracks in the race with a full throttle of 70 percent Racing calendar. The drivers love the English high-speed train with its sonorous curves Maggotts, Becketts, Chapel, Stowe, Vale, Luffield, Woodcote and Copse. The route operator wanted to make the route even more attractive with a new asphalt. Whether it was successful is in the eye of the beholder.

Kimi Raikkonen toboggan through the grass.

The asphalt strip is not even, but rather wavy. The bumps make the cars restless and make driving difficult. The engineers shouldn't like it. Bumps disturb the aerodynamics. Some drivers will curse. Others don't. In any case, the fans could be offered even more action.

Kimi Räikkönen and SergeySirotkin toboggan on Friday morning through grass and gravel beds. However, without striking and without causing lasting damage to their cars. In contrast to Max Verstappen, who destroyed his Red Bull after just 15 minutes in the second training session. Lewis Hamilton set the first best time of the weekend. The local hero wants to recapture Sebastian Vettel's World Championship lead in Silverstone.

In our photo show, we show you the photos from training Friday in Silverstone. As usual, we mix track images and technical details of the cars.


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