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F1 photos GP England 2018 - First pictures from Silverstone

F1 photos GP England 2018 - Wednesday
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E s is happening in quick succession. Three weeks, three races. After the Grand Prix in France and the race in Austria, the tenth round of the 2018 Formula 1 season will follow in England next weekend. The British GP is part of the inventory of the premier class. Or to put it another way: A Formula 1 race belongs to England like fish and chips. Formula 1 has only served fans an annual race since 1950 in England and Italy. Silverstone has hosted the British GP 51 times in history. F1 made 12 appearances at Brands Hatch, 5 times on the Aintree Circuit.

F1 Energy Station was sent directly from France to England. Red Bull's Formula 1 motorhome is transported with 28 trucks. Assembly and dismantling each take two and a half days.

In the pit lane, the over 900 hp racing cars were still hiding in the garages. The mechanics pull the roller doors up, but block the view with partitions. No team is an exception. So you can see a maximum of small sections of the cars. Instead of a Mercedes W09, Ferrari SF71H or Red Bull RB14, a Mercedes 500 SL is the star in the pit lane on Wednesday. The Roadster will first set it up next to the Mercedes-AMG GT R Safety Car in order to roll onto the track a little later.

In our photo show you can see the pictures from Wednesday from Silverstone.


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