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F1 photos GP Canada 2018 (Friday): Photos from free practice

F1 photos GP Canada 2018 (Friday)
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D he drivers are not allowed in Montreal envy. If you want to be fast on the street circuit in the middle of the St. Lawrence River, you have to drive close to the walls. Above all, this requires downforce and trust in the car. But because there are long straights between the tight bends, the engineers always screw relatively flat wings onto the cars, which offer less air resistance.

In the first training sessions, the drivers not only have to get used to the reduced contact pressure. The asphalt also offers little grip in the early phase of the weekend. The idyllic route consists of public roads and paths that are used by normal traffic for the rest of the year. In the free practice sessions all the dirt and dust has to be sucked out of the cracks in the asphalt.

Stroll slides into the 'Wall of Champions'

The result of the treacherous conditions was also This year a few slip-ups in the free sessions. Lance Stroll touched the gang the hardest in the opening session. In the “Wall of Champions” of all places, to which many prominent drivers have already fallen victim, the rear of his Williams broke a tad too far.

The rim did not survive the violent impact with the right rear tire. Stroll hobbled completely around the track at low speed until he finally got to his box. Not only did the damaged wheel have to be replaced there, but the underbody also had to be repaired. He was affected by the mishap.

In the afternoon, Carlos Sainz and Stoffel Vandoorne met the same fate. Sainz hit the gang backwards with his Renault and damaged the stern. Vandoorne slid along the side of the wall, causing the Belgian to damage the right rear tire and the suspension.

Romain Grosjean had a different kind of encounter. During the second session, the French knocked down one of the many marmots that live on the Ile Notre Dame. Usually the rodents stay in their burrows. One specimen was apparently not deterred by the noise of the engines and got in the way of the Haas. Neither the marmot nor the front wing survived the collision.

Not only the local hero but also the other pilots provided good entertainment on Friday. In the gallery we show you the best pictures of the action in the first two training sessions.


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