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F1 photos GP Canada 2018: First pictures from Montreal

F1 photos GP Canada 2018 (Wednesday)
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D he European Formula 1 season had only just really gained momentum with the races in Barcelona and Monaco, so the ten teams are already on their big journey again. The address sticker on the numerous containers revealed exactly where the Grand Prix circus ended up: Circuit de Gilles Villeneuve, Bassin Olympique, Ile Notre Dame, Quebec, Canada.

Forklift races in Montreal

A truck was parked in front of the Wall of Champions on Wednesday.

Or to put it simply: The Formula 1 party in Montreal is back on the program. The race on the island in the middle of the wide St. Lawrence River is one of the highlights of the calendar every year. Some wild battles have already been fought on the fast street circuit. It is no surprise that the stands are completely sold out again this year.

As always, the teams are on site a little earlier than the fans. On Wednesday (June 6th, 2018) there was already a lot of activity in the paddock and in the pit lane. The short detour across the pond requires an enormous logistical effort. To ensure that the valuable cargo arrives where it is needed, the forklifts crisscrossed between delivery trucks and barriers.

A lot to discover in the pit lane

There is plenty of space on the provisional racetrack not. The garages in Montreal are the smallest of the season. So the teams had no choice but to park some particularly bulky parts in front of the pits. So there was already a lot to discover on Wednesday.

Of course we also made a little detour to the Wall of Champions. The gang in the finish chicane is waiting with three layers of Tecpro buffersagain this year on prominent victims. Before the Formula 1 racers pass the tricky spot, huge trucks and a fire truck posed on the track on Wednesday.

In the gallery we show you the first pictures from the circuit in Montreal.


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