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F1 photos GP Brazil 2018: pictures Thursday Interlagos

F1 photos GP Brazil 2018 (Thursday)
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D he Formula 1 season 2018 is spinning towards the end. The Brazilian GP is the penultimate station. As the day before, Interlagos welcomed the ten teams and 20 drivers with a cloudy rain cover that threw occasional drops. The weather could become unknown on the race weekend. Occasional rain showers and thunderstorms are forecast.

The technical acceptance was miserable because of the mixed weather. Most teams only pushed their cars in the afternoon for what is known as scrutineering. Many of them at the same time, but they protected the racing cars from the raindrops with stretch cloths. That frustrated the photographers.

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Ferrari record winner in Interlagos

Ten of the 15 corners are to the left. In Interlagos it is driven counter-clockwise. What used to be a physical challenge is now practically no problem for the well-trained pilots in their hybrid monsters. Incidentally, Ferrari celebrated most of the victories in Interlagos. The Italians have nine successes here - including last year with Sebastian Vettel at the wheel, who fought Valtteri Bottas at the start.

Vettel also crossed the finish line as the first driver in 2010 and 2013. From the current field of drivers only Lewis Hamilton (2016) and Kimi Räikkönen (2007) won on the course with its long uphill straight, the long back straight and the predominantly medium-fast corners in the infield. Curious: Fernando Alonso bagged his two World Cup titles in Sao Paulo, but never won in Brazil.


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