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F1 photos GP Belgium 2018: The pictures from Thursday

F1 photos GP Belgium 2018 (Thursday)
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T he ten Formula 1 teams are ready for the end of the summer break. On Thursday (August 23, 2018) the last screws on the cars were quickly tightened so that the action can finally start again on Friday in free practice. As always in Spa, the mechanics had to fit a lot of new parts in the garages.

The view of the many different rear wings was particularly worthwhile. At Mercedes, Renault and Williams, the two cars were equipped with different variants that sometimes produce more and sometimes less downforce. Some teams such as Ferrari, HaasF1 or Red Bull brought completely new wings to the classic.

Red Bull wings and mirrors under the microscope

Red Bull once again drives the flattest wings in the field.

At Red Bull you had to look very carefully to see the wing. As has often been the case in the past, Adrian Newey had his car fitted with an ultra-flat tailplane, which seems more suitable for the high-speed battle of Monza than for the medium-downforce track Spa. But in order to be competitive on the straights with the low-horsepower Renault engine, Red Bull relies on the tactic of radically reducing aerodynamic drag.

Also the new exterior mirrors, which we saw on Wednesday Having discovered gaps in the partition walls, it was worth taking a second look when the Red Bull was rolled to the technical tap. They should also reduce air resistance and are reminiscent of the Ferrari model in principle. But the Red Bull designers have further developed the concept.

F1 drivers back from vacation

The cars were the focus of interest on Thursday. But also the pilotsattracted a lot of attention after the four-week summer break. The team changers in particular had to answer a lot of questions. Before it went to the journalists, all the pilots ran the more than seven kilometers long route.

In the gallery we have put together an interesting mix of technical details and colorful impressions for you.


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